Selasa, 23 November 2010

Point Blank Shooting Game

Point Blank is a popular online game. Point Blank arable Zepetto result, one of the online game developer based in Korea. Well, while operations in Indonesia, Point Blank is under the auspices of PT Kreon who previously also has online games such as Ghost, Yulgan and Air. Overall, a good quality of graphics or game system can be said a little over Counter Strike. For example, variants of the characters more. In Point Blank players can use male or female character and the character design can be quite detail.Point Blank offers two gaming modes, namely: Basic Mode: In this game mode the player will face a fast-paced battles, namely the type of game like Deat Match or Explosion Mission, unfortunately the number of maps that are provided are still very minim. Unique Mode: In this mode, each player is required to destroy a target object, while the target like a helicopter or a power plant owned by musuh.Dengan number of features and sophistication offered, whether to make Point Blank great enough to replace Counter Strike as the games that have been loved diving nearly 10 year.

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